Saturday, November 19, 2011

On Irreverence In Paradise

Ashen Aspen
"Does this image slam Aspen for taking its pristine environment for granted? Have we become so twisted? If So, then hats off to the Commercial Core and Lodging Commission, advisors to the City Council, for funding public art that dares bite the hand that feeds it."
Art News, Aspen Magazine

"At the Winterskol snow sculpture contest, Kurosh and his team built a huge HIV virus. It was quite beautiful and won second place in the judging. The irony was that the hole in the side of the snow sculpture was constantly full of children playing. Would you want your child playing with AIDS?"
Aspen Daily News

Damned if you Do, Damned if u Don't
"Kurosh is in search of that point where people begin to be outraged by an image or event. His layout for Rita Saint John in Destinations Magazine brought much attention. The genitals of the model were airbrushed smooth. The owners of the airlines found this obscene and did not want the ad to run again."
Jay Magidson, Aspen Daily News

"Art, I'll pass. That's the sentiment espoused by a less-than-vicious vandal who altered a sign over the entrance to the Aspen Art Museum using plastic blue tape. Museum employees awoke Thursday to find that someone had changed the sign to "Aspen Fart Museum." drawing chuckles from passers-by and staffers alike."
Kent Smith, Aspen Daily News

"Elvis may be dead, but Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali apparently are alive and in good humor in Aspen. The self-titled group DADAA, Dead Artists who Dislike Aspen Art, have claimed responsibility for the hoof-to-helmet draping of the massive artwork. After a successful career in painting, it seems that Picasso and Dali have taken up rhyming verse. "Prompt removal is suggested, for tacky Aspen art can no longer be ingested. So Consider this fair warning, Or we'll steal him piece by piece 'til he's missing one morning." , the note read."
Greg Trinker, Aspen Daily News

"ValaNejad's image came as a response to the scathing New York Times Article last month that slammed not only Aspen and the IDCA, but designers in general for losing the sense of social mission the Aspen conference once stood for."
Jane Wilson, Aspen Times

$ki Pa$$
"Unlike counterfeit money, making a fake ski pass is not illegal. But when they are used it becomes a crime, and the Ski Company vigorously prosecutes."
David Bellack, Attorney, Aspen Ski Company